dinsdag 5 januari 2016

James Bernstein

Workshop MASTERING FILLS & INPAINTING by James Bernstein, organised by SRAL.
Taking place in April four and a half day  18-22

palette Zura Iddi
Reading the programme and the reviews on Jims website, I got very curious and subscribed directly. Only 20 places are available. It is a multidisciplinary master class workshop for conservators of paper, objects and paintings. Jim his experiences with modern colour-field matte paintings draws my attention. In my studio we often have to retouch matt unvarnished paintings from early 20th century. Guess the workshop at SRAL will provide a broad range of techniques, materials for a diverse group of conservators-restorers. Looking forward to it.

Will our retouching palette change after the workshop???? 

palette Marya Albrecht
palette Marjan de Visser

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