woensdag 6 maart 2013

condition reports for heritage and art

Restorere-conservator Marjan de Visser organized a meeting for sharing knowledge about condition reports for and with collection - and depot managers of the Zuiderzee Museum, Jewish Historical Museum and the Tax & Customs Museum. The meeting on condition reports was held in the depot of the Zuiderzee Museum. In the morning there was time for sharing knowledge and experience. The main question was: what would you like to learn, and what expertise and knowledge do you want to share? We shared subjects like transport, packaging, courier services, examples of condition reports, pictures, names and descriptions and more. The afternoon was spent in groups of 2 persons who had to draw a condition reports of a painting. The results were compared and discussed.

A brief evaluation of the day brought up that it was very useful that we could share experiences and it was an inspiring experience. We even found out that there is a need for specific materials knowledge. It was therefore that Marjan de Visser decided to organize a second meeting in which restorers from different disciplines are invited to share knowledge about their expertise.

Sharing knowledge about condition reports means growing in our profession within a circle of colleagues that understand each other.

We decided there is no money involved, but instead everybody dedicates him or herself to this meeting on condition reports for heritage and art.
workshop condition reports