woensdag 29 oktober 2014

IMAT is the first application of carbon naotubes in art conservation

IMAT is the first application of carbon naotubes in art conservation.

IMAT stands for Intelligent Mobile Multipurpose Accurate Thermo-electical. It is a mild heating device for conservation of cultural heritage assets. At 20th of October 2014 Marjan de Visser attended a workshop & demonstration hosted by the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL) in Maastricht. At this meeting the IMAT prototypes were introduced through the presentation of IMAT design and operational parameters, illustrated with the case studies bij Conservators from Italy, USA, the Netherlands an Lithuania, involved in the project in the Bonnefantenmuseum. Participants could have hands on experience with the IMAT device at the SRAL.

Speakers on the programme were Tomas Markevicius and Nina Olsson (IMAT research project), Helmut Meyer (Future Carbon GMBH), Dr. Rocco Fuereli, Stefano Pieri and Lorenzo Giardina (University of Florence), Lorenzo Conti (Painting Conservator)Laura Amorosi (Painting Conservator) Kate Seymour & Stijn Lenaerts (SRAL Painting Conservators).

The project is funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research. IMAT partners are Universita degli Firenze (Italy)-coordinator, Nadine Press S.r.i. (Italy), Future Carbon GMBH (Germany), C.T.S. S.r.i. (Italy), Amorosi Laura Studio (Italy), Sefar AG (Switserland), Lorenzo Conti Studio (Italy), Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro Palazzo Spinelli (Italy), Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg SRAL (the Netherlands), Tomas Markevicius and Nina Olsson (Lithuania) Lietuvos Dailes Muziejus (Lithuania)

The project can be followed by the website:

Marjan de Visser writes for the Au Courant of the Association Restorers Netherlands  a report of this meeting in the first comming issue of 2015


dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Wobbe Alkema

Wobbe Hendrik Alkema, 1900-1984, was een Nederlands kunstenaar. Zijn schilderijen maken deel uit van de Collectie van het Groninger Museum.

In het kader van het Ploeg Schilderijen Conservering Project wordt deze week de inlijsting van Wobbe Alkema zijn schilderijen verbeterd. Restaurator Marjan de Visser werkt samen met stagiaires en museum medewerkers.

Ploeg Schilderijen Conservering Project - Groninger Museum 2014

donderdag 2 oktober 2014

marjan de visser

marjan de visser
het werd tijd, marjan de visser van Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser in Den Haag heeft haar profielfoto aangepast naar hoe ze er nu uit ziet. de oude foto's van marjan de visser zijn verwijderd op Google+, deze blog 'schilderijen restauratie' en haar bedrijfssite Restauratieatelier Marjan de visser www.restauratieatelier.