zaterdag 25 mei 2013

Marjan de Visser restorer of paintings investigate the possibilities of digital microscope in restoration and conservation.

Digital Microscopy Dino-Lite
Marjan de Visser restorer of paintings

By sharing my experiences on using the Dino-Lite during restoration and conservation of art and cultural heritage, I investigate the possibilities and limitations of digital microscopy with USB connection.

For this research, I asked some colleagues what microscope they use and what they do with it and what their experiences are. During a working visit May 16, 2013, to the Teylers Museum, organised by the section of historic interiors of association Restorers Netherlands (RN) in cooperation with Jan van Breenen of Digiformat I gave a presentation on this subject.

It is my intention to gather even more experiences of colleagues with the idea to share the possibilities and the restrictions on the site of RN. I discovered that the restrictions not only lie in the devices themselves, but also to myself or my laptop.

I would urge all colleagues who use a Dino-Lite t share their good and bad experiences to with me by sending an email with phone number to I will send a short questionnaire and call for additional information. In the my intention is to find solutions for the encountered problems and share the possibilities using a Dino-Lite during conservation and restoration of art en cultural heritage on the website of RN.

Marjan works as an independent painting conservator in the Hague, accompanies interns and collaborates with colleagues on location on interiors and wall paintings.
Jan van Breenen Digiformat presents

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